2023 Side With Love

Side with Love is a public advocacy campaign that seeks to harness love’s power to stop oppression. It is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and all are welcome to join. (https://sidewithlove.org)

The theme for their annual 30 Days of Love program for 2023 will be Spiritual Nourishment for the Long Haul, which will run from January 16 (MLK Jr. Day) through February 14 (Valentine’s Day). We will be providing our BBUUC church community with information and messages of spiritual nourishment, political grounding, and shared practices of faith and justice throughout that time. 

This year’s themes are:

WEEK 1 (January 16-22): Interdependence :: Democracy & Electoral Justice

WEEK 2 (January 23-29): Embodiment :: LGBTQIA+, Gender & Reproductive Justice

WEEK 3 (January 30 – February 5): Resilience :: Climate Justice

WEEK 4 (February 6-12): Healing :: Decriminalization

BONUS DAYS (February 13-14): Blessings :: Liberatory Intersections 

Watch for weekly messages via “This Week,”, Facebook posts, and other communications that will include ideas for individuals, families, and our entire community to help nourish your spirit and give gratitude and affirmation. These will reflect the many different voices within Unitarian Universalism, in the form of personal stories, grounding practices, blessings, prayers, body practices, and various ways that will encourage you to reflect and engage.

In addition to these resources, BBUUC will be rolling out our own annual “30 Days of Love” program. Each year, our Lifespan Religious Education participants engages the entire congregation in supporting a local program in need. This year, we will be supporting our local LGBTQIA+ youth in need through JASMYN (Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network). This will include a collection of specific donations that will begin on MLK Sunday (January 15) and end on February 12th. We’ll be sending out a call for assorted items to support JASMYN’s “Wish List” for you to bring in during these 30 days of love that will include specific food and snack items for their pantry, undergarments, hair care and housing items. Watch for more information as we near MLK Sunday!