2022 Silent Auction

An opportunity for everyone to participate in our first major fundraising event since 2019!

What? Silent Auction

When? Saturday evening October 22 through Sunday November 6

Where? BBUUC Sanctuary


  • Services can be simple to complex, creative to traditional. Share what you love! Popular examples from past years include:
  • Recreation & Excursions – Vacation home stay, sailboat ride, day trip to a Florida spring, museum tour, concert or theater tickets  . . . 
  • Dinners & Parties – Brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, music, games . . . 
  • Gastronomic Delights – Made to order baked goods, candies, soup of the month, casseroles . . . 
  • Services & Instruction – Tech support, gardening, painting, handyman, sewing, swimming . . .
  • Arts & Crafts – Made to order quilt, portrait, photo, woodworking . . . 

Do you know an outside business that might donate a gift certificate?

Donation forms online HERE and at the church

Deadline for donations is Sunday October 9


  • Help solicit donations, especially from outside businesses
  • Kitchen help to serve pizza and baked goods when auction closes on Sunday November 6
  • Baked goods for Sunday November 6
  • Assist with final bidding and checkout on November 6


Pam Richards, Madeline Sims, and Peg Christenson at auction@bbuuc.org or call, text, or see us in person at church