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  • ICARE 2022 Celebration Dinner

    Celebrate Success!

    BBUUC took home top awards at the ICARE Celebration dinner last month. One award for bringing 100% of our average worship attendance to the Nehemiah Assembly and another for investing over $5,000 in the social justice ministry. 

    Thanks to ... read more. Read more →

  • Making Great Things Happen! At ICARE’s 2022 Nehemiah Assembly


    BBUUC stood shoulder to shoulder with 37 other Jacksonville congregations at ICARE’s Nehemiah Assembly Monday, March 28. Church members joined this year’s virtual event on Zoom and at a church zoom viewings. 

    For the first time in recent history, no public ... read more. Read more →


    People Power – Bring It!

    Officials tackle social justice when there’s community will behind it. You are a part of that power. Based on our Listening and Research, this year we’ll ask city leaders for Action on:

    Adult Civil Citations Group Violence Intervention (monitoring) Resilience to Climate Change Mental Health ... read more. Read more →

  • 2022 ICARE Nehemiah Assembly

    March 28
    6:15 PM – 9:30 PM
    BBUUC Sanctuary

    Due to Covid-19 concerns the 2022 ICARE Nehemiah Assembly will be virtual this year. It will be broadcast via Zoom. You are invited to gather at BBUUC to view the virtual Assembly in the ... read more. Read more →

  • ICARE March 2022

    ICARE’s Justice Moment:

    A Weak Hurricane Could Drown Jacksonville

    When Irma — as a tropical storm — flooded Jacksonville in 2017, even the governor was surprised. But a subsequent Tampa Bay Times investigation showed Jacksonville leaders knew a Category 2 or 3 storm could cause a ... read more. Read more →

  • ICARE February 2022

    ICARE’s Justice Moment:

    People shouldn’t have to go to jail for being ill

    A woman told us the story of how her ex-husband died in police custody while having a mental health crisis. His mother had called 911, and the responding ... read more. Read more →

  • ICARE September 2021

    Interfaith Coalition for Action Reconciliation and Empowerment

    House Meetings

    September and October 2021

    Who cares? We do!   

    House meetings for BBUUC’s ICARE social justice ministry return Sept. 1—Oct. 11. This year BBUUC will hold six house meetings, either in person with appropriate safety ... read more. Read more →

  • Nehemiah Action Assembly Report

    At least 88 BBUUC members and friends were among the 1,000+ people who attended the ICARE Nehemiah Action Assembly on Monday, April 19, on Zoom and on YouTube! The number is indefinite because there were 158 people who registered without clearly indicating their congregation. Nonetheless, ... read more. Read more →

  • ICARE Journey Report, April 2021

    Twenty five BBUUC members and friends attended the ICARE Rally on Zoom on Monday, March 22. The agenda included Breakout Rooms where we each spent 10 minutes getting to know three or four Network Members from other ICARE congregations. We heard speakers talk about all ... read more. Read more →

  • ICARE Rally 2021

    ICARE Rally
    March 22
    7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    How to Participate in the 2021 Rally


    Go HERE to join us on Zoom
    (Use a computer, smart phone or tablet to join.)
    Please enter a few minutes early to register.
    After registering, you will be ... read more. Read more →