Director of Lifespan Religious Education Jenn Jones considers herself a people person who loves to listen, is compassionate, and looks for areas for growth for herself and others.  Jenn is passionate about Unitarian Universalist Principles such as respecting the dignity of every person, justice, acceptance, religious freedom, the right of conscience, and liberty, etc.…  Jenn deeply believes in diversity and inclusion.

Those who know her come to learn she truly cares for all, is an active listener, is motivating, and leads by example.  Jenn has a “can-do” attitude.  She is a fast learner, and is quick on her feet.  From her previous experience, she is comfortable with helping membership to grow through a high quality program.  The current program for children at BBUUC uses the Montessori Method.

People Jenn works with are drawn to her because she exudes positivity and understanding.  She loves to collaborate to make important tasks get accomplished.  She is always prepared.  Jenn values the volunteers who make the important programs work.  Jenn also wants to support the nursery, children, youth, and adults at BBUUC with lifelong growth in spirit and mind with UU understanding.

She looks forward to Chalice Camp during the summers where children will get a week-long engaging and fun experience while getting more in-depth UU principles.  The youth will get to be counselors and help teach.

Jenn is a proponent of the comprehensive sexuality education program Our Whole Lives (OWL).  She deeply cares about the safety of all and is vigilant about children/youth protection and safety.  All volunteers who work with children and youth are background checked at BBUUC.

Jenn loves social events that connect members and families at BBUUC.  She has three children of her own, Sean, Colin, and John Hunter.  Her loving husband, Aaron, has been very supportive and encouraging.

Prior to joining BBUUC, Jenn spent eight years with youth organizations and has classroom experience.  With Cub Scouts, she was Committee Chair overseeing 43 children.  She has experience in recruiting and  expanding the membership.  A former Cub Master thought Jenn’s logistics were phenomenal in recruiting and sustaining the Cub Scouts program.

“She possesses a willingness to learn and has taken every opportunity to take training and disseminated that training to other adult leaders,” continued Cub Master Thomas Brown.  “ Jenn’s tenacity for self-improvement is matched by her devotion and kindness.  Her priority was to make every family feel safe, represented, and valued.”

Jenn has also had almost a decade of experience in the Marine Corp where she taught suicide awareness and prevention training to 500 active duty service members.  There, she mentored military personnel on professionalism and personal goals.  She managed the budget and improved productivity and morale.

Jenn is on the Board for a secular homeschooling group, the Free Range Learning Cooperative, Inc.

Jenn would love to hear from you.  She has office hours on Sundays and Wednesdays at BBUUC.  She can be reached at should you want to contact her.